Our Mission

    GirlsUp is a chic community that empowers and connects young female entrepreneurs in a beautiful way.

    We provide a broad spectrum of star entrepreneurs, distinctive speakers, business coaching, incubating resources, international investors, as well as fun networking and social events.


    GirlsUp Mission: Together, let's close the gap between men and women in entrepreneurship within our generation.


  • Who We Are

    A Group of Chic, Dynamic & Worldly Girls

    Starting an entrepreneurial journey with a big heart

    We take entrepreneurship seriously because our time is invaluable. However, we know that there is no better substitute for experience than experience. A "Yes we can do it" attitude goes a long way!

    We Work Hard, Play Harder

    That's what we're known for

    The world is our playground.


    GirlsUp offers not only powerful mentorship, partnerships and cross-industry resources through panels, workshops, pitch competitions, but also our fun signature events such as healthy start-up tastings, masquerade parties, and more!

  • What We Do

    Empower Female Entrepreneurs in Every Way

    You'll be amazed by how much you can do

    We empower you with pitching, marketing, negotiation and other essential skills. Our loving community can be your practice battlefield before you walk up to the world.

    Just shine like a diamond. 


    Have you ever have an idea but no one to talk to? We are here to listen and help you with a plan of attack!

    Connect You as Center of Universe

    A network you never imagined before

    We connect you with entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, mentors and your peers, so that you can learn from awesome people, find potential partners and bond with other fabulous girls! 


    For every GirlsUp meeting, we invite start-ups to talk about their stories and ideas. Our eyes are open to what's new out there, and we are always looking for creative ways to collaborate!

    Live a Beautiful, Balanced Life

    Look good, feel amazing

    Brainy is the new sexy! But as young women, we also care about our self-image, and we want to be happy while fighting for our entrepreneurial dreams. GirlsUp is all for it. We prepare outdoor fitness classes, massage sessions and beauty & fashion seminars to put a big smile on your face.


    We are revolutionizing the definition of young female entrepreneurs!


    Stay tuned for the hottest GirlsUp events!



    11/5 & 11/6, 4-5PM




    Come to indulge in some afternoon tea while learning about how GirlsUp empowers and connects you in a beautiful way!

    We invited the founders of Leno Juice, Hygge Bakery, Opportuniteas, truBrain, Cream by Crystal and Audrey's Cookies to share their stories about how they brought their dreams to life!

    Please RSVP here.



    11/19/14, 3-5PM 


    TCC 227

    Lolita KorneagayFounder of Simply Suggestions, Hypnotherapist

    Shirin SalemniaFounder of Play-Werks,Tech Girl, TED Talk Speaker

    Julie Thorne Engles, CEO of Tribemint,Visionary, Creative Marketer and Strategist 

    Charles SidmanManaging Partner of ECS Capital Partners, Angel Investor

    Please RSVP here.


    Learn about our fabulous speakers for our first panel on 11/19!

    Lolita Korneagay

    Lolita Korneagay is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Subconscious Behavior Coach who's private practice, Simply Suggestions, is located in Downtown Los Angeles. The Registered Nurse and Master Hypnotist combines the power of hypnosis with behavior coaching to help people overcome subconscious barriers and successfully reach their goals. Lolita also has a Master's degree in Business Administration and is the co-founder of Sunday Success Sessions. Lolita's overall mission is to educate, inspire, and empower people to be successful on all areas of their lives.

    Charles Sidman

    Dr. Charles Sidman is a Managing Partner of ECS Capital Partners, an early-stage venture fund built on evolutionary principles, operating nationally and internationally. He is an expert on crowdfunding and an active member of the NASVF. He has published 90+ research papers and patents, consulted/lectured at 200+ companies and organizations, and is active in entrepreneurial advising and training worldwide. His education includes Bachelors and Masters degrees in Biochemistry and a PhD in Immunology from Harvard University and an MBA from the University of Cincinnati.

    Shirin Laoz-Salemnia

    Shirin Salemnia is the CEO of PlayWerks, an independent interactive media company that creates high quality innovative multi-platform immersive experiences that engage children and adults. She did a TED Talk on She previously worked at MGA Entertainment and Mattel, where she performed ongoing research and analysis of industry trends, consumer motivations and competitor activity. She is an advocate for Women in Tech and Gaming, an Advisor to the LA Film School Video Game Dept, Women in Film, Girls in Tech and Next Gen Femmes, and an Experienced Instructor at General Assembly.

    Julie Thorne Engles

    Julie Thorne Engels is a lifelong visionary, strategist and entrepreneur with a passion for employing creativity to drive business and social change. As the CEO of TRIBEMINT, Julie is merging her talents to build a new creative marketing experience that truly believes in the power of creating “tribes” around companies and brands allowing them to thrive. A keen interest of TRIBEMINT is to assist entrepreneurs at all stages of the start-up life cycle to strategically grow their company’s brand presence. Before starting TRIBEMINT, Julie founded Bettyvision, an online vision board platform empowering women to visualize their dreams and make them a reality with community support.

    Lindsey Heisser

    Lindsey Heisser is the Managing Director of TRIBEMINT specializing in campaign ideation and execution, marketing and communication strategy and technology development. Heisser brings her entrepreneurial spirit and innate curiosity of today’s trends to deliver TRIBEMINT’S clients with fully integrated campaigns turning consumers into brand loyalists.

    Prior to joining TRIBEMINT, Heisser was Director of Marketing at The Regan Group, a consumer engagement agency entrenched in entertainment and consumer packaged goods industries. Together, Lindsey and Julie shaped the company culture and drove the agency’s most profitable years in business.


    GirlsUp is on both the west & east coast. Don't worry Midwest, we'll get there.

    Pocket Sun - Los Angeles

    "I grew up in a small city in northern China and recently moved from Chicago to LA to study Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. In the past few years, I traveled to 21 countries and worked in technology, luxury retail, engineering consulting, marketing and PR, both in Asia and the US. I guess I was born to go out there and kick ass. 


    I always believe that the beauty of life lies in uncertainty, and that was how I started GirlsUp. Founding the organization has gotten me closer to my dream of being a super connector with magic power. Girls, let's go places."

    Everest Shi - Boston

    "I am an undergraduate student with double major in Economics and Art History at Brown University. As an artist and an entrepreneur, I strive to balance myself between the romanticized and the practical. From launching my first internet startup at 16, to co-founding letschina.com in 2014, my entrepreneurial experience made me realize both the promising and tough sides of being a young woman entrepreneur. 


    GirlsUp has brought me together with other girls who celebrate creativity and are ready to explore the world, and from there the journey of seeking new entrepreneurship stars thus begun. Bon Voyage!"

    We Want YOU!

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    We are the fitness club for young female entrepreneurs.
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